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Type of service Landmark Real Estate Other agencies
Efficiency while arranging looking tours at client’s request  We manage to arrange all the suitable available options for one looking tour working out the itinerary. Itinerary and schedule are at random.
Individual approach: awareness of  clients’ preferences depending on the  origin, age and family composition Our brokers are aware of all the preferences hues  depending on the origin, age and family composition. We observe privacy conditions while assisting you in your search. Usually selections are impersonal.
Conducting the deals of any complexit We conduct deals of any complexity. The service is not rendered.
Legal support  We provide professional legal support in buy and sale deals. Often clients have to apply to some legal advice offices for extra payment.
Property management Assist in apartments search designed for rental business. We help in arranging cosmetic and general repairs for advantageous property positioning. The service is not rendered.
Market analysis and monitoring We provide our clients with analytic observations on premium real estate tendencies. In general analytic investigations are not conducted.
Providing of information about the chosen area infrastructure Free listings of parks, schools, fitness clubs, parking lots and grocery shops close to your new home.   The service is not rendered. 
Relocation services Free search of  a reliable moving companies, translation problems solution. The service is not rendered companies, translation problems solution.


Commission fee to the agency

Commission fee in buy and sale deals in the average is 2-4% from the property price depending on the deal complexity. Payment is to be made after clutching the buy and sale deal.


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