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5 reasons to deal with Landmark Real Estate:

  1. Free advisory services: Landmark Real Estate company agents and lawyers consult in charge of legal premium Moscow realty matters free of charge.
  2. Experience:   Landmark Real Estate agency brokers have more than 17 years experience in premium Moscow real estate field.
  3. Qualified lawyers: Landmark Real Estate lawyers are aware of any solution in real estate deals and и  regularly changes in law.
  4. Knowledge: Our brokers know all the legal twists and turns брокеры знают in rental and buy and sale deals.
  5. Efficiency: 99% if deals are successfully clutched byLandmark Real Estate team. 

Do you have any question? Don’t’ hesitate to contact us +7 (495) 792-59-49, we would be happy to consult you on legal issues in rental and buy and sale deals!

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