Landmark Real Estate services: buy and rent a flat with english-speaking broker

We are helping you to find:

  • Apartments for rent in the Moscow locations listed here and any other location of your choice.
  • Houses for rent in housing estates (compounds) and individual houses in Moscow and in Moscow's most attractive suburbs Luxury apartments for sale in prestigious areas.
  • Service apartments for short-term rentals (1-3 bedrooms) with convenient public transport connections, fully furnished and equipped.
  • Office properties for rent in the center of Moscow

Our services include the following:

  • Identifying high quality real estate in Moscow, accompanying clients on visits to selected apartments in our company cars.
  • Negotiating favorable conditions with landlords and sellers, and taking care of all necessary paperwork.
  • Assisting with renovation if required.
  • Provide support throughout the duration of the lease, for example in installing additional equipment, Cosmos or Satellite TV, a second telephone or internet connection
  • Helping you find a maid and baby sitter Insurance of your property and personal belongings.
  • Legal advice and consultations for real estate purchases.
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