Mediation of disputes with landlords

Assistance in disputes mediation within the whole lease periodOur broker offers assistance to the client throughout the lease period, negotiating disputable matters with the landlords and helping to reach compromise. We are doing our best to benefit our clients’ interests and to make their life in Moscow favourable. 

Whatever happens we are ready to help

  • We take part in negotiations regarding equipment malfunctioning, leakages, electricity and plumbing problems, assessment and elimination of possible damages. 
  • We draw up Transfer and Acceptance Act.  
  • We negotiate disputes concerning preliminary termination of the lease agreement or its prolongation.  
  • Purchasing and installation of additional equipment will be negotiated with our assistance as well.   
  • The subject of utility, Internet, TV payments is usually settled in lease agreement, but if any disputes arise our agency takes an active part in its mediation.   

The client may always contact his broker by telephone or personal e-mail if any questions or disputable matters appear, offering support 

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