Xmas day in the famous British castle is put up for eBay auction

According to management company Merlin Entertainment owning a well-known place of interest, the unique chance to celebrate the coming Christmas in the famous British Warwick Castle will be offered on the internet-auction eBay. The gained money will be invested into the charity fond.

The winner of the auction has a right to invite 30 guests. The guests will be offered a breakfast with champagne in the library of the castle, presents opening on the Grand hall of the castle with 8-metres length Christmas tree, afterwards the Christmas dinner in the Music hall of the castle, where Winston Churchill would often sit.

The festive day will be concluded with the show with fireworks and Santa Claus visit, whereupon the guests will be transferred to the posh hotel. The starting one-day rental price of the castle made up 25,000 pounds. The requests will be taken till the evening 14th December, afterwards there the winner of the auction will be assigned.

The winner will be the first person celebrating Xmas in the castle from 1978. Since than the owners organized entertainment- historical complex.

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