Where one can find business-class realty?

Analyst in business-class real estate realm made a report of top-5 business-class areas of the greatest demand. The leader is the area of Frunzemskaya.

One can buy a flat in Frinzenskaya area with a price for square meter 13.500 USD. Frunzenskaya takes the position of the most famous district owing to it’s proximity to Moskva-river and the area of so-called Zolotaya Milya (Ostozhenka-Kropotkinsjaya area). 
Zamoskvorechie takes the second “silver” place. One square meter of realty here costs in average 12.500 USD. The area is of great demand among the customers keen on old Moscow and pre-revolutionary mansions. 

Kutotuzovsky prospect area is on the third place. One square meter costs here 10.750 USD.
Universitet and Sokol metro stations areas take the 4th and 5th places respectively. One square meter in Universitet area costs 10.500 USD, in Sokol area – 9.500 USD.
Make a note

Notion of business-class in Moscow has some kind of obscure characteristics because of lack of this class objects on the market. Standard business-class real estate implies convenient location, fenced secured yard and fixed parking stalls.
However there are few such objects in Moscow and business –class realty is represented mostly by buildings with differing characteristics but in the areas which are historically acquired a reputation of business class ones.
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