Traffic on Volokolamskoye shosse is launched

According to RIA Novosti newswire, the traffic on Volokolamskoye shosse is open from the centre to Moscow region. It will make for unloading of Leningradskoye shosse.

The contributor of Moscow mayor’s office press service informs that launching of the traffic through the tunnel will favor in shortening of the passing time and exclude traffic jams formation. In accordance with the project “Bolshaya Leningradka” the traffic will be carried out through three traffic lines as in the opposite direction.

The project includes the organization of traffic without traffic lights regulation on Leningradsky prospect and Leningradskoye highway and renovation of traffic interchanges embracing Volokolamsky tunnel on the intersection of Leningradsky and Volokolamskoye shosse near “Sokol” metro station.

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