Total sum of the most expensive Moscow apartments makes up one billiard USD

According to top-100 analytic researches of IntermarkSavills company in December, 2010 the average price for one square meter of the most expensive apartment in Moscow makes up 36 950 USD.

This figure exceeds the sum of the last year by 12.6%. The researches as well say that maximum sum for a square meter of top-100 apartment exceeds 58 thousand USD, while minimum price for a square meter is about 30 thousand USD. Average price for an apartment included in top-100 is 9.9 million USD.

The total price of the first hundred of elite apartment makes up 1 billiard USD. The most expensive offer according to the given rating costs 30 billiard USD, the cheapest flat in this segment costs 4.5 million USD. Analytic survey includes also the following data: 64 apartments included in the top-100 list are the secondary market objects, other objects belong to the primary segment. 55% apartments are situated in Ostozhenka area, 13% - in Khamovniki out of the Garden Ring limits, other options in Tverskaya area (9%), Patriarshy Pond area (8%), Arbat area (7%) and Yakimanka (5%).

Some objects of the top-100 are situated in Krasnaya Presnya area and in Chisty Ponds area. All the objects included in the list are situated in 42 residential complexes. One third of the objects are penthouses. The most expensive apartments are offered in the following projects: Molochny lane 1, “Novaya Ostozhenka” (1st Zachatievsky lane 5-9), “Kristall House” (Korobeinikov lane, 1/2), “Respect” (B. Gnezdnikivsky lane 3), “Patriarkh” (Ermolaevsky lane 15/44), Brusov lane 19, Granatny 6, “Stolnik” (M. Levshinsky 5). The total area of the most expensive apartment in Moscow starts from 140 square meters.

The most spacious apartment has 830 square meters total area, the average total area is 267 square meters.

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