The first skyscraper is to be erected in Rome

The first skyscraper named Eurosky Tower will be constructed in the southern part of the city by 2011 year. 28-stored tower projected by Italian architect Franco Purini will house residential, office, shopping and business premises.

The height of the building is not to exceed 120 meters, so that that the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral with height 136 square meters might be the highest point of the city as before. At the same time the authors of the project emphasize that the project is to change the skyline of Rome and become “a new vertical symbol of Rome”.

Up-to-date ecological technologies will be used in construction: the tower will be equipped with solar batteries, catch basins, forced air supply and pneumatic waste units. One more tower for business center will be erected adjacently. The square is to enclose the two towers and the area for exhibitions and young architects’ contests. The total price of the project will exceed 100 billiard euros.

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