Studio flats is a new brand for the middle class

The main goal of developers nowadays is to reduce the property budget. The best solution in this case is constructing of small size properties. The lack of area for residential constructing is a common problem of each megalopolis. This problem is solved by the Western Europe and the Far East developers several decades ago. In Moscow studio type flats take up 15% of economy class market, 7% of business class and 5% of premium class.

Real estate market developers believe that studio flats sector shows now considerable promise as this type of property is the cheapest in Moscow. Demand for studios with 18-30 sq.m area is conditioned not only by the lowest prices but also by the high functionality and easement of studios. Traditional soviet apartments with total area is about 40 sq.m have much unusable space of corridors, halls and nonfunctional angles.

Experts stress that the price of a square meter in studios is not very economical. The price can vary from 110.000 to 141.000 rubles per square meter. The total price is considerably economical for Moscow market owing to modest total areas of studio apartments. For instance flat in the residential business class compound near Krasnoselskaya metro costs about 5.5 million rubles.

The greatest demand of studio apartments is registered among parents buying lodging for their students-children, middle private entrepreneurs, office workers owing alternative country side lodging and amidst young families without children who can’t afford themselves more spacious apartments. As well studio apartments are popular among investors reselling or letting out their property.
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