Square meter in exclusive cottage villages costs in average 16.9 thousand USD

According to the top 100 published on RBK-Nedvizhimost real estate portal square meter in expensive cottages cost in average 16.9 thousand USD.

The average budget of top 100 in countryside cottages makes up 26 million USD. The most expensive budget is 70 million USD. The cheapest option of the top 100 costs 16 million USD.

There are 99 secondary market houses and only one primary market cottage. All the objects are located in the prestigious western direction, 90% of the houses are located in Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse, 5% in Novorizhskoye et 2% in Minskoye shosse.

Total areas of the most expensive mansions in Moscow area vary from 400 to 3400 sq.m, the average total area is 1500 sq.m.

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