Skyscraper in Chicago gets the gold

RIA Novosti published the results of the international contest in the field of high-rise buildings construction. According to German realty objects data bank the best skyscraper of the 2009 year is the 250-meters building in Chicago. Emporis Awards gives awards in the high-rise construction realm annually.

The Founder is German company Emporis GmbH, specializing in collecting of data about realty objects all over the world. Architects of the 81-stored skyscraper Aqua was awarded “for progress in design and outstanding architectural solution”. The organizers of the contest appreciated the contribution to the modern architecture, namely, to new standards of design and engineering of tall buildings.

We should mention that skyscraper fit into the whole panorama of Chicago perfectly. “While the building looks rather mediocre from a distance, by approaching one will find out elaborate liquid delineations”- told the Head of Emporis Daniel Kieckhefer. The silver got the authors of the 23-stored tower O-14 in Dubai, and, finally, the bronze got the architects of the 69-stored residential compound The Met in Bangkok.

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