Russia takes the forth place in Europe in prices reduction

According to Ged Analytics in 2009 the prices for Russian real estate dropped down to 16,8%. Thus Russia ranks the forth in Europe in prices reduction. It is recorded peak reduction of prices for realty in Latvia – property felt in price down to 48%. In Ukraine and Bulgaria as well recorded considerable cut in prices making up 21%.

In the world chart Russia shares the rank of the former socialist camp states and Dubai – taking the 23th place in prices reduction rate. Great price reduction (more than 5%) is recorded in the USA, Ireland, Denmark, Japan and Iceland.

In Spain, Germany, Holland , Canada, Great Britain, South African Republic, Philippines, Thailand, Switzerland, Portugal in 2009 there was a minor decline of prices – down to 1,5%. Moderate growth of prices is recorded in Indonesia, New Zeeland, France and Australia. The leaders of the prices growth in 2009 were Israel – 7,7% and Norway – 9. 6%.

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