Rental rates for accommodation in Moscow unexpectedly come down

According to RBK-Nedvizhimost portal rental rates on Moscow real estate market came down. In January all the categories of apartments rose in price little bit, but in February rental rates again came down. Analysts of Doki real estate agency reports that the most price decrease was registered for elite 3-room apartments (5,8%), economy class 1-room apartment (4,2%) and 1-2 room business-class apartments (4,1% and 4%).

Elite 1-room apartment cheapened by 4,1%. Specialist also registered the slump in tenants’ and owners’ activity, quantity of apartment offered on the rental market decreased in February by 2,3%, deals quantity - by 2,6%. Analysts consider this tendency to be uncharacteristic for February, but they pin their hopes for positive changes in March, 2010.

Regarding the prices for flats, experts render the following indexes: in January 2010 rental rates for one-room economy-class apartments - 23 thousand rub., 2-rooom flat - 30 thousand rub., 3-room flats – 38 thousand rub. In business-class segment 1-room apartments were rented for 37 thousand rub., 2-room – for 48 thousand rub. and 3-room for 70 thousand rub. Rental rates for elite accommodation remained on the level of 70 thousand rub. - for 1-room apartment, 94 thousand rub. – for 2-room and 160 thousand rub. for 3-room apartments.

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