Rental prices in Moscow go down

According to internet portal “” the greatest decrease of rental rates was registered in elite-class segment. One-room apartment cheapened by 1,4%, 2-room – by 1,9%, 3-room – by 2,1%. All types of economy-class apts went down in price by 1,3 %, in business class – by 1,4%.

Analysts explain negative price dynamics by the several reasons. The first one: realty market is traditionally nourished by seasonal flats offered for rent in summer season (April-October). The second reason: potential tenants prefer to rent realty off-Moscow during summer season. And finally, the reason third reason is the reduction of labor migrant flow. In May, 2010 rental payment for economy-class 1-room apt made up 22 thousand rubles, for 2-room one – 30 thousand rubles, 3-room – 37 thousand rubles.

1-room business class flat cost 36, 4 thousand rubles, 2-room – 47 thousand rubles, 3-room 70 thousand rubles. Elite class 1-room apartment cost 71 thousand rubles, 2-room - 104 thousand rubles, 3-room – 139 thousand rubles. Real estate experts suppose that rental rates will go down to negative indexes because of traditional seasonal demand fall. According to specialists’ estimates, in this period economy class and inexpensive business class flats will be of the greatest demand.

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