Rental price for the cheapest is 60 times less than the price for the most expensive flat in the Western district of the capital

Russian news & information agency “RIA NOVOSTI” published the account made by Doki real estate agency according to which rental price for the cheapest flat in the western district of Moscow is 60 times less than the rental price for the most expensive flat offered in this district.

Doki real estate agency analysts also record that the cheapest one-room apartment in the western district is offered at the price 17 thousand rubles monthly, the most expensive for - 1 million rubles.

Furthermore, it is mentioned in the account that one-room business-class apartment is offered for 35-60 thousand rubles, elite class apartment for 75-140 thousand rubles, business class two-room is offered at price 90-230 thousand rubles; three-room apartment - for 50-110 thousand rubles, elite - for 150-670 thousand rubles.

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