Real estate “exchange” between Moscow and St. Petersburg

According to the “Miel-Brokerage” company experts Moscow and St. Petersburg real estate markets came back to the price difference which had taken place before rapid price growth – 40-45%. Analysts as well point out that traditionally St. Petersburg market development drops behind Moscow real estate market development.

It is recorded more intensive price reduction in Moscow real estate market. Experts as well mention that unicodely the constant inhabitant of Moscow sell their real estate in St. Petersburg.

There are several reasons for acquisition of apartments in Moscow: moving of children – students or elderly parents in Moscow, investment in Moscow real estate within the period of maximal price reduction or purchasing of their own estate instead of rented one.

St. Petersburg inhabitants prefer to buy secondary real estate in Moscow as it’s fully prepared for moving in. By-turn Muscovites prefer to buy real estate in new building of St. Petersburg as its secondary housing stock is much more ramshackle.

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