Prices for apartments in new elite buildings run up to secondary realty prices

Tweed company analysts registered a new trend on Moscow elite real estate market. Prices for apartments in elite buildings amounted price level of ready-to-move realty. Experts explain this tendency by the fact of the final customers prevailing.

Client’s demand removed: if formerly ready-to-move real estate was of greater demand, now customers are ready to invest money into unfinished objects. Such trend especially is timely in relevance to the projects which completion is not doubtful.

Among them are “Italiansky Kvartal”, “Sadovy Kvatraly” and Barkli Park. The objects in these residential complexes are offered for 9.000-26.000 USD for one square meter.

At the same time offers in the ready buildings such as “Luzniky House” (prices 8.000-13.000 USD for one square meter), residential complex “Smolenskaya Zastava” (one square meter costs here 12.000-13.000) are not of great demand now. Analysts explain the demand replacement by the fact that as early as two tears ago customers estimated premium realty by other criteria. The main demand to elite realty was prestigious location.

Nowadays the following attributes are necessary: architectural concept, well-developed infrastructure and high dwelling quality. Constant interest in the 1st half of 2011 year was registered to residential complexes with good educational structure and sports facilities. For instance, “Olympic Village Novogorsk”. Almost all the houses of the 1st and the 2nd line were sold, except several private houses. In this complex price for a square meter starts from 4.500$.

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