Price rise rates decreased in November, 2010 on Russian real estate market

Analysts of Gdeetotdom internet portal reported that in November, 2010 price rise rates cut down twice: in October, 2010 and September,2010 price rates for real estate made up 0,4%, in November – 0,2%.

Specialists’ researches say that Moscow is one of the leading cities in price rise rates in realty market in 2010, being behind only of Kazan, Krasnoyarsk and Ufa. In some cities on the contrary prices decreased.

For instance in Toliatti and Lipetsk prices cut down by 11%. After considerable price rise in October (by 0,7%) prices for real estate in Moscow region decreased by 0.4% in November,2010. Prices in Saint-Petersburg were stable on November,2010. Experts add that starting from January 2010 price rise rates for Russian real estate made up 2.6%.

Maximum price rise rates were registered in November, 2010 in Omsk (1.5%) and Ufa (0.9%). In Samara and Volgograd price decreases by 0.6% and 0.8% respectively.

The research also says that in middle cities the most price rise was registered in Kirov (1.9%) and in Saratov (1.5%), maximum price decrease was registered in Yaroslavl (1.7%) and Tver (1.2%).

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