Olympic village will be reconstructed in Mediterranean style

“Olympstroy” company is carrying out a full-scale works constructing sports and infrastructure facilities on the occasion of Winter Olympic Games in 2014. It is planned to create an image of Mediterranean city in Olympic village in Sochi, at the same time architectures are working for preservation of classic resort image of 50-60th years of XX century Sochi.

Experts make pointed reference to the quantity and immensity of the Olympic village project and the tendency to unify the group of buildings by Mediterranean style. Besides, it’s reported in “Goskorporatsia” press-release that in construction there will be used elements which will be “some kind of reminder of classic resort Sochi of 50-60th years of XX century”.

The project will be carried out so that each building in Olympic village will obtain its own architecture. “Olympstroy” reports that the project includes the village territory dividing into residential and coastal resort area.

Experts consider that this project will enable to use the objects of the village after Olympic Games in 2014. Nearby the Olympic village will be constructed a hotel for 500 guests –members of the International Olympic Committee and group of buildings with 1,000 apartments not higher than 7 floors.

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