Number of sale deals in Moscow real estate reduced in 2009 by 14,5%

According to RIA Novosti, quantity of sale deals in Moscow realty market decreased by 14,5% comparing with 2008 year. In comparison with 2007 year the number of deals reduced by 28%.

Thus, according to “Kommersant” issue with reference to Federal agency for official registration (Rosgosstat), in Moscow the sum total of deals in 2009 made up 55,673 thousand. Though the issue adds that according to the Federal authority the quantity of sale deals in Moscow during recent 2 months of 2009 year exceeded similar index of 2008 year.

Federal registration authority recorded the following indexes: in November and December, 2008 there was made 4,868 thousand and 6,342 deals, in November and December, 2009 - 4,941 thousand and 8,498 deals respectively.

Thus, according to experts, the volume of deals exceeded the most optimistic predictions. Miel Brokerage company analysts point to the first signs of market reviving: during recent 2-3 months the cheapest apartments are bought up quite rapidly.

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