New building market survey. Business class apartments are of great demand

Having applied a classification to all the offers on new building market as follows: business class, economy class and comfort class, analysts registered a considerable rise of demand on business class market. The record on business class market was hold on October, 2013. Three hundred buy and sale deals were made in business class segment with total receipts amount coming to 1 billion US dollars. 

Average sale price for new business-class buildings is 7.500 USD per square meter as it was registered as a result of October, 2013. 

As for economy class offer the analysts noticed considerable structural alterations in supply dynamics. The volume of new offer made up 50.000 square meters of accommodation. At this the prices in economy segment along with comfort class remained unvaried making up 139.000 rubbles per one square meter. The average price for accommodation on the first stage of construction is about 100.000 rubbles per one square meter.

Specialists consider the price to be overpriced.  Aleksandr Lebedev, the analysts of investment holding “Finnam” claimed: “Local market of residential real estate has in no small degree 

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