Moscow exclusive realty is more expensive than the most luxurious apartment in New-York

According to Penny Lane Realty Company apartment offered under renovation in Moscow elite clubhouse in Patriarshy Pond area is more expensive than the greatest apartment in New-York in Donald Tramp’s tower by 50%. Besides, apartment in the tower total area is comparable with White House speciousness.

17-bedroom accommodation with total area all but 1,3 thousand square meters amazed even the city of multi-millionaires by its large scale, apartment is twice larger than New-York governor’s mansion and a quarter bigger than the residence of president of the USA – White House. Apartment was bought by the young couple for 28 million dollars.

But such scope can’t amaze Russia. Penny Lane Realty specialists claim the apartment with price 42,84 million dollars is offered in Granatny Lane. It’s a panoramic penthouse with total area 908,98 square meters without taking into account the adjoining terrace with total area 158,66 square meters.

Analysts say that Moscow is undeniably one of the most expensive cities of the world, but the living standards are unfortunately far from Manhattan ones. The head of marketing department of Villagio Estate Company Lidiya Grechina adds that “while there is no integral conception of the city planning development, even the most expensive clubhouses will remain amidst fussy and chaotic life of the capital”.

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