Moscow authorities decide to preserve the name of hotel “Ukraina”

Moscow officials offer new owners of the hotel “Ukraina” not to change its initial name. According to RIA Novosti Nedvizhimost’ the hotel was opened under the new name Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow. “The hotel was constructed and named “Ukraina”. Any change in the name is impossible without authorities’ permission.

It’s not a mere formality, it’s very important, as we’d have to change the name on the each map, and it’s very expensive” – the mayor Luzhkov claimed during the inauguration of the hotel. Moscow governor offered to rename hotel ‘Ukraina” to “Radisson Ukraina” as it happened with “Radisson Slavianskaya” previously.

The hotel was constructed in 1957, it’s included in the list of famous Stalin period skyscrapers. In due time hotel “Ukraina” was the highest hotel building in Europe. Restored hotel is consisted of 506 luxurious rooms and 38 apartments with built-in kitchens. New owners report that the building was totally re-equipped, detailed facades, decor and interior elements restoration was carried out as well, saving the elements of culture-historical heritage of the capital.

Thus the hotel corresponds to the highest world standards. We should mention that the hotel inherited the collection of 1200 paintings of Russian artists of the 1st half of the XX century.

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