Moscow authorities are to construct 100 kindergartens in 2011

According to mayor Yuriy Luzhkov 100 kindergartens is to be built annually starting from 2011, as it was planned in pre-crises period. “Next year we are planning to increase considerably speed of kindergartens construction. Next year and in subsequent years we are to come back to one hundred in number” – said Luzhkov on air on TV-channel TVC.

He reminded that because if crises and the problems with searching of available lots for construction, it’s planned to build 33 kindergartens within 2010 year. Moreover, Moscow authorities are to obtain departmental kindergartens into municipal fond.

According to Luzhkov, “queue” for a kindergarten is equal to 19-20 thousand people. “Today our potential is 2208 kindergartens. The goal is to expand this system” – concluded the mayor.

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