First elite housing complexes in Moscow, Russia

With the collapse of former Soviet Union Russian millionaires got out of the shadow and the necessity of elite real estate appeared, however in those times elite housing was a new phenomenon. First grotesque penthouses were constructed by integrating several apartments in Soviet and Pre-revolutionary building. 

In the mid of 90-s the first elite masterpieces saw the light. In the start of zero years appeared the first premium-class property of full value. Despite the obvious obsoleteness and old stuff of these homes, apartments are still sold out, bought and rented at quite high rates. 

Veresaeva Street, bld.6

It is a residential house in Veresaeva Street in the West of Moscow erected in 1994 considered to be the first elite building in the capital.

Nowadays one would never think at the first sight that this is an individually designed building as now you may find hundred and thousands of similar buildings including in bedroom suburbs. According to its characteristics, the building rather can be valued as a business class building than a luxury.

Today one can rent in this building a 3-5-room apartment with a total area 180-24- sqm for 150-250 thousand rubles per month. The cheapest apartment for sale is offered for 38 million rubles, the most expensive – penthouse with total area 525 sqm for 210 million rubles.

Zolotye Kluchy (Golden Keys)

In 2002-2003 one of the leading developers of that time Mirax Group constructed in Minskaya Street Zolotye Kluchy I and Zolotye Kluchy II in two stages.

The list of famous residents kept secret, but afterwards it was announces that among famous and notorious Russian show-business stars the resident of Zolotye Klucy was the former head of the state Mr. Dmitry Medvedev occupying a 365 sqm apartment.

The cheapest apartment rental in the building of the first stage is the flat with total area 110 sqm, asking price is 155 thousand rubles per month, the most expensive is 300 sqm two-level penthouse for 600 thousand rubles per month. Two-room apartment with total area 74 sqm is offered for sale for 33 million rubles, penthouse with total area 460 sqm is offered for 225 million rubles, nine-room apartment with total area 384 sqm for 420 million rubles in Zolotye Kluchy I. Sale prices for apartments in Zolotye Kluchy II are a bit more modest: 16 million rubles is the minimum and 270 million is the maximum price.


It is an outstanding specimen of the architecture of the former mayor Mr. Luzhkov epoch. It a 43-storied tower erected in 2003 next to metro Slavyainsky Boulevard in the Street Davydkovskaya. Its infrastructure includes Aqua Park, restaurants, supermarkets, SPA, fitness and … helicopter pad.


Price range in Edelweiss is rather impressive. The cheapest one-bedroom of 56 sqm costs 23,5 million rubles, the most expensive is a two-level penthouse of 410 sqm for 510 million rubles. Rental rates ranges here from 90 to 250 thousand rubles per month.

Patriarch and Egg-House

Residential building in Patriarchy Ponds located in the intersection of Malaya Bronnaya Street and Ermolaevsky lane was erected in 2002. It is one more outstanding masterpiece of Mr. Luzhov’s epoch architecture. Architect  Mr. Sergey Tkachenko initially was planning to place his superordinary  project Egg-House on the lot occupied now by Patriarch, but in the issue placed in Chisty Prudy area in Mashkova Street.

Patriarch is a 12-storied residential building housing 28 apartments with wooden fireplaces, underground garage, three elevators, gym with a swimming pool, sauna and room with artificial snow.

Patriarch doesn’t abound in apartment rentals and homes for sale. Options appear on the market very seldom and for enormous rates. There is only one option offered for rent in the building. It is a 2-bedroom of 220 sqm with price 800 thousand rubles per month.  

Also there are three options for sale: 2-bedroom of 160 sqm in Empire style offered for 236 million rubles, 3-bedroom with total area 218 sqm for 223 million rubles and, finally, 5-bedroom property of 413 sqm for 573,9 million rubles.

As for the most fabulous project by Serhey Tkachenko named Egg House, the premises set in operation 19 years ago and is still offered for sale for 415,5 million rubles. Apartment consists of three floors and mansard, separate entrance, elevator and underground garage. The painted dome height in mansard makes up 4,5 m.

There is a living with a dining room and kitchen on the first level, two bedrooms en suite with balconies on the second level. It is interesting to note that apartments with less total area in the neighboring building are offered almost for the same price that apartment in the architectural masterpiece “Egg House”. Customers value the comfort of modern interiors much more than flamboyant Tsar-style chambers, which are not designed to room the furniture ergonomically.

Agalarov House

It is one of the first exclusive small apartment houses in which only best public could acquire a property cause of some kind of face control activities designed to pearl off upstarts of the society. Building is located in the intersection of Bolshaya Gruzinskaya and Klimashkina Streets.There are only 34 apartments in the building. Infrastructure includes a big swimming pool, sauna and 4-level underground parking.

Now they offer nine apartments for sale with price range from 76 to 295 million rubles for 2-bedroom of 121 sqm and one-bedroom of 186 sqm in Empire style, correspondingly. Rental rates rages from 370 to 637 thousand rubles per month.

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