Apartments in Zamoskvorech'ye

Zamoskvorechye is one of the most preserved districts with the aura of old Moscow. Almost all possible market objects are presented here. You can find a wide variety of houses from previous eras: from merchant and noble estates of the XIX century to Brezhnev brick high-rise buildings, from apartment buildings of the early XX century to "tsekovsky ""stalinok", from block and panel khrushchevok (although there are few such houses in Zamoskvorechye) to modern club houses. Housing in this location is in stable demand: first of all, the historical value of the area attracts. There are also five metro stations in the area (Dobryninskaya, Novokuznetsk, Paveletskaya, Serpukhovskaya, and Tretyakovskaya).

Zamoskvorechye has a developed infrastructure. On the territory of the district there are 40 educational institutions (schools, kindergartens, technical schools, institutes), 14 health care institutions, 19 cultural institutions (theaters, libraries, museums, music schools), 18 sports facilities (sports grounds, sports and recreation complex). Zamoskvorechye district is one of the richest in the number of beautiful old Orthodox churches.

Currently, Zamoskvorechye is developing very dynamically: many new elite-level projects with beautiful architecture and interesting concepts are being implemented here.

We suggest that you pay attention to these properties:

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