Island is offered for sale in Kostroma region

Russian Forbes recognized the island in Kostroma region as one of the most interesting islands in the world, included in the top ten. The island in Bahamas is also included in the top.

Total area of the island is 900 thousand square meters. The island is encircled by the islands belonging to such celebrities as Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage and David Copperfield, the price for it makes up 110 million dollars.

Only one Russian island is included in the top ten. It is situated in Kostromskoye water reservoir, the island has no name. The magazine says that there are no buildings in the island. But the island is considered to be an appealing acquisition owing to proximity both to Kostroma and Yaroslavl.

According to the issue there are great spawning grounds around the island. The informal name of the island is Khmelniki. It is rich in berries and mushrooms; the nature of the island is favorable and wealthy.

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