Expensive cottage villages in Moscow region are sold in land parts

The segment of expensive country realty is enriched by new high-budget projects. Besides, notwithstanding the fact that new projects do not belong to economy class, the majority of them are offered without obligatory constructing terms.

Experts name the following projects offered in February, 2010 in Moscow region real estate market: “Blizhnee Pokrovskoye” (12 km from Moscow Ring Road in Kievskoye shosse direction), “Semija” village (12 km from Moscow Ring Road in Ostashkovskoye shosse direction), “Dubovaya roscha” (30 km in Kievskoye direction) and recently launched project “Moskovskoye more-2” (97 km in Leningradskoye direction).

The lots with total area 20 hundred square meters are set out without obligatory constructing terms. Analysts suppose that market participants count on traditional spring market activity. Thus they are to change the terms of down payments for land lots or raise prices for the offered lots.

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