Elite realty is again of great demand

According to analysts of MIAN agency from the beginning of 2009 year elite realty in Moscow went down in price by 18,2% in rubles.

Specialists believe that prices for exclusive objects bottomed and during the last months the minor price increase was registered. Restoration of demand was registered in the second 2009 half year, while the most liquid objects are actively bought up.

Summing up the indexes of 2009 year exclusive apartments with price up to 60 million rubles were of the greatest demand.

Apartments which cost 13-18 rubles dollars (2-3 rooms, total area 80-120 square meters in Western, South-Western and Northern Districts) were of the greatest demand in business-class segment. 3-4-room apartments with total area 120-180 square meters within 3-rd Transport Ring were of the greatest demand in the elite real estate segment.

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