Elite building in the suburbs of London costs in average 1.4 million pounds

According to reports of real estate analysts published in RBK Nedvizhimost web-site prices for elite realty in London outskirts increased in average by 2.5% comparing with the 1st quarter of 2010 year. Specialists as well point to the fact that the prices went up by 4.6% by the first half of 2010 year.

Within recent 12 months prices are permanently growing up on the real estate market of suburban London, but the prices are 15% less than in pre-crises period. Experts explain price rise by the lack of new options offered for sale on the market, while the demand for elite real estate is obviously increasing.

Moreover specialists report that the greatest price rise for suburban real estate is registered in counties situated in the immediate proximity to London (price levels increased by 10.7%).

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