Demand for house and grounds in Skolkovo increased almost in twice

Starting from the beginning of the current year the demand for house and grounds doubled in Skolkovo area.

Experts explain that potential buyers focus their interest on the objects which guarantee that in ownership certificates in the column “location” will be indicated prestigious “Skolkovo”.

Objects located in Skolkovskoye shosse but belonged to some other localities are not of great interest. “Hence we can make a conclusion that a major group of people consider the objects located on “new Moscow” territory to be of great potential” – claims the experts of Сhesterton company.

Besides analysts registered the rise of supply on the market of Skolkovo area. In September, 2011 the supply exceeded the index of the current year beginning by 1.4 times. At that 67% of the objects offered for sale are the vacant sites.

“It indicates that some owners consider their objects to be questionable assets”, - the experts suppose.

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