Crisis reduced financing of Moscow housing facilities major repairs programme

“Interfax” informs that crises influenced on the financing of Moscow housing facilities major repairs. Nevertheless, Moscow authorities take pains to fulfill the plans installed earlier. Artur Keskinov, the Head of the Accommodations Complete Overhaul Department claimed that “economical problems wounded as well our field.

Financing for the time being is cut down”. Despite the multitude efforts of the authorities to provide additional facilities, the underrun is inevitable, according to A. Keskinov. Besides, in the announcement A. Keskinov added that the decision of the authorities to apply to repairs the complex approach lead to actually double rise in price. In 2010 the authorities are to fulfill all the commitments bounded with incomplete buildings in 2008.

The question is the buildings where only pointed repairs were conducted, before the switch to the complex approach. “We are to repair 500 buildings, started in 2009, and 240 started in this October”, -added A. Keskinov.

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