“Cheapest” townhouse in Moscow costs 16 million rubles

According to real estate experts the cheapest townhouse with total area 201 square meters is located in Kurkino. This house costs 16 million rubles. The most expensive object are located in Serebryany Bor. The most luxurious option in Serebryany Bor has total area 350 square meters and costs 340 million rubles.

Moscow townhouses mostly are located in areas built-up in 2007-2009 years: North-West Administrative District (Kurkino, Nothern Tushino), North-East Administrative District (Severny area), South-West Administrative District (Yuzhnoye Tushino) and South Administrative District (Yuzhnoye Butovo).

Premium-class objects are located mostly in West, North-West and central districts. Among them: “Zolotye Kluchi” in Minskaya Street, houses in Serebryany Bor, residential complex “Palaty Muravievikh” in Zachatievsky lane, and “Tri Topolya” in Pluschikha Street. For instance, the price for a townhouse in “Palaty Muravievikh” complex makes up 330 million rubles.

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