Average prices reduction for new buildings in Moscow doesn’t exceed 1%

According to real estate analysts the average price for apartments in the new business-class building in July, 2009 in Moscow comes to 5,900 dollars for a sq.m (184,700 rubles for a sq.m).

In June reduction of the average price in dollar and ruble equivalent didn’t exceed 1%. The average price for elite real estate in Moscow in June, 2009 makes up 16,460 dollars for a sq.m (513,300 rubles for a sq.m).

Thus the considerable landslide of prices in dollar equivalents registered in the beginning of the year was altered in summer by market stabilization. The top level reduction of prices in dollars registered in September, 2008 made up 19% in July, 2009, prices in rubles reduction made up 0,4%.

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