4500 cafe and restaurants are available in Moscow

According to RBK-Nedvizhimost Internet portal 4500 cafes and restaurants are available in Moscow in spring, 2010. Analysts suppose that the number of cafes available in Moscow is scanty for a megalopolis with a population over 14 million people. “There are 25 thousand cafes in New-York with 18 million population” – experts add.

Experts explain that the deficit is conditioned on the absence of available premises. Ground floors are included in the housing stock, correspondingly, there is a lack of proper premises and the rental and sell prices for such spaces are too high.

The major quantity of cafes are situated in Central Administrative District (45%), 27% are within the limits of Garden Ring. In South-western Administrative District works 399 cafes (8,5%), North-West Administrative District – 4,95%, in North Administrative District – 7,3%, in North-East – 7%, in East Administrative District – 5,9%, in South-West – 6,2% and finally in South Administrative District – 7,5%.

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