Housekeeping and governess in Moscow

The price of domestic help will come as a pleasant surprise to you. It ranges from 30 to 50 USD for about six hours work for one or two person households. For this sum a maid cleans your apartment from top to bottom, changes bed linen and does your laundry. 

Occasional window cleaning is included in this price. For cooking and babysitting the fee is from 3 to 5 USD per hour. We can recommend domestic helps who have been known to us for several years. 

For expatriates coming in Moscow without family housemaid services can be extremly helpful as all the fuss and hurry about ironing, washing, cooking and so on can be taken upon a careful and professional housekeeper.

For newcomers perferring to clean up their house sby thier own but have occasional necessities to do the general cleaning please find below several major cleaning companies in Russia. 


Cleaning companies

Cleaning company

125009, Moscow  
15 Bolshaya Dmitrovka St.  
office 101  
Tel.:: +7 (495) 694-44-16, +7 (495) 694-58-83, +7 (495) 411-56-43   

Chisty Svet.gif

Chisty Svet  
129085, Moscow, Zvezdny blvd., bld..21, block 3  
Tel.: (495) 937-40-65  
Тел./факс:  +7 (495) 937-40-65

Cleaning company in Moscow

Eurogroup Company 
109147, Moscow, Rogozhsky Val, bld.12  
Tel.: +7 (495) 210-09-80, 922-34-12 

Nannies and Governesses



Tel.: +7 985 760 01 92, +44 208 144 9799  
Moscow, Rublevskoye shosse  

nannies and governesses

Bonne International 
8,4th Dobrynisky Pereulok  
Tel.: +7 495 989 6557 

British stuff.JPG

British staff 
Novy Arbat, bld. 21,  
office 921  
Tel.: +7 495 798 96 00 

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