Rental rates in Moscow in 2017

Best long term flats are located in the limits of Boulevard Ring of MoscowRenting a flat in Moscow is the question of great concern as far as Moscow is an expensive city. Moscow flat sale and rental market shows high rate even during the glovbal crises period. The market is bubbling as Moscow hosts anywhere from one to the million non-residents.

Whether it is a market place salesman or a top executive at a foreign firm, all these people need a roof and finding a flat today can substantially set back your family on a corporate budget. The cheaper lodging is— the faster the rental deal is made.

Prices in Moscow are really excessive! The price for a one-room flat to let starts from 60.000 Rub. per month and the highest price is 150.000 Rub.

Two-room Moscow flats rent price starts from 80.000 to 180.000, while the prices for three-room flats range from 100.000 Rub. to 300.000 Rub. Four and more room apartments are the most expensive – the price starts from 200.000 Rub. and the highest price is above 500.0000 Rub.per month.

Those clients who look for business class apartments have higher demands. Environmentally favorable location, security, parking lot, top-end interior design, high-quality renovation are a must. There are few charming Moscow neighborhoods. The most attractive districts are in the area of the Garden Ring.

More and more people are interested to invest their money in real estate. To own a flat in Moscow is very popular and fancy. Even if you don’t live in your apartment, you can always offer Moscow flats for rent - it’ll bring you a stable income.

Approximate prices for flats to let

Area 1-2 rooms, price in Rub. 3 rooms, price in Rub. 5 rooms, price in Rub. >5 rooms, price in Rub.
Patriarshy Ponds, Arbat, Kropotkinskaya 150.0000-180.000  150.000-250.000  200.000-350.000 300.000-450.000 
Moscow centre: Zamoskvorechye, Chisty Prudy, Tsvetnoy Boulevard 120.000-180.000  130.000-250.000  200.000-350.000  300.000-450.000 
Other area off the Garden Ring 80.000-120.000 110.000-150.000  150.000-250.000 200.000-300.000 
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