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Any newcomer going to rent an accommodation in Moscow should know that Moscow residential housing market offers a vast diversity of options. Rental rates for apartments with equal total area differ several times depending on the location. Range of rentals in Moscow is rather sufficient for everyone’s taste gratifying.

Most expensive accommodation in most expensive Moscow areas



On the map: the most expensive accommodaition in Moscow prestigeous areas. In orange hue: Patriarchy Ponds, Arbat-Kropotkinskaya (apx.130.000 roub. for 1-bedrooms apartment per month). In yellow hue: Chisty Prudy and Tretiakovskaya gallery area - Zamoskvorechiye (apx.100.000 roub. for 1-bedrooms flat per month).


Accomodation types

On the whole we may name three types of homes you can rent in Moscow, they are: standard, business and elite class. Nevertheless real estate experts distinguish the abovementioned types in different ways, since there are no exact classification criteria.

There is no clear distinction between standard and business-class properties likewise between business and elite-class ones. Despite this fact most real estate specialists came to the similar version of accommodation classification. 

Anyway you have a great range of options for rent in the capital. Renting a standard or economy apartment you should keep in mind that  this type of lodging is presented on the market profusely, but domestic amenities as well as convenient location are not the strong point of this class.
 DSC_2988.JPG  DSC_2996.JPG
 DSC_2999.JPG  DSC_3013.JPG
Typical partly furnished 2-bedroom standard (economy) flat in a panel building located within walking distance to metro Arbatskaya

Although you can find considerable price difference between economy and business class apartments presented for rent in the capital. Business and elite class flats in Moscow can cost twice higher than economy owing to proximity of Moscow centre or easy travel to the downtown.
 DSC_1303.JPG  DSC_1310.JPG
 DSC_1239.JPG  DSC_1257.JPG
Typical fully furnsihed 2-bedroom elite apartment in a new residential complex  locatedi n Kropotkinskaya metro area

How to choose accomodation in compliance with facilities

We recommend you to check accordance with current standards of business class offers before rent a flat in Moscow. Mostly, business class apartments are situated nearby main city highways or not far from the core. Price of rent directly depends on the location of the building.
  • Business class accommodation presupposes restored utilities and fixtures, modern qualitative building and finishing materials, in some cases alterations in lay out and contemporary furniture. Infrastructure should include underground parking, shops, hairdresser’s and fitness club. As a rule the building is guarded and surveilled. 

Rental rates for one-bedroom of this class starts from 100.000 roub., yet in the centre of Moscow unlikely one can rent a lodging chipper than 200.000 roub. Average price for rentals in the downtown ranges from 180.000 to 350.000 roub.  
  • Elite class accommodation. If you are to rent elite apartment you may acquaint with the list of “de luxe” apartments delights. We should mention that over a long period of time elite apartments was defined in Moscow not by qualitative characteristics but by its rental price. 

For the time being elite realty is characterized not only by high rental price, but also by spaciousness of apartment, high ceilings and so on. As it was mentioned earlier, one of the most important factors peculiar to premium properties for rent is its location.

Elite buildings are situated mostly within the Garden Ring limits: Arbat, Ostozhenka, Patriarshy Ponds area, in historical areas or ecologically areas (for instance in parks).

Moscow elite buildings usually have fenced well-appointed inner yard, professional 24/7 guard and well-developed infrastructure. There are shouldn’t be more than 30-40 apartments in the elite building.

Rental rates for elite apartments owing to the global crises is a little bit lower than it was recently, nowadays the cheapest option in this segment can cost about 200.000 roub.

It’s not easy to define price ceiling in this segment, all depends on the landlord and the tenant’s means. Monthly rental rates sometimes exceed $20 000. Average rental rate for the time being is about 350.000 - 500.000 roub. 

But we should mention again that global financial crises make landlords to knock down the prices, because of the demand damping. But real estate experts predict  that the main tendency is to keep rental rates in rubles, not in US dollars as it used to be in pre-crises period and, correspondingly, the prices are to remain within the current limits in roubles.   

Finally, we should say that our agency will be happy to assist you in finding of the best accommodation for the best price. We wish you good luck in searching a new home in Moscow!
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