Special offers: houses for rent & sale in Moscow

Number of rooms: 7Total area: 600 m2

Address: Altufievo, Larino

AltufievoRent: $8,000
Number of rooms: 6Total area: 220 m2

Address: Teply Stan, 15 km from MKAD, Kaluzskoe shosse

Teply StanRent: $5,000
Number of rooms: 5Total area: 213 m2

Address: Planernaya, 14 km from MKAD, Landyshevaya

PlanernayaRent: $2,500
Number of rooms: 6Total area: 200 m2

Address: Planernaya, 7 km from MKAD, Vorotynskaya

PlanernayaRent: $2,300
Number of rooms: 10Total area: 550 m2

Address: Krylatskoye, 6 km from MKAD, Rubliovo-Uspenskoe shosse

KrylatskoyeRent: $4,600
Number of rooms: 8Total area: 400 m2

Address: Yugo-zapadnaya, 1 km from MKAD, Kievskoe shosse

Yugo-zapadnayaRent: $4,700
Number of rooms: 8Total area: 325 m2

Address: Strogino, 5 km from MKAD, Ozerny

StroginoRent: $2,700
Number of rooms: 11Total area: 680 m2

Address: Strogino, 24 km from MKAD, Ozerny

StroginoSale: $1,129,000
Number of rooms: 4Total area: 400 m2

Address: Strogino, 20 km from MKAD, Ozerny

StroginoRent: $3,000
Number of rooms: 5Total area: 253 m2

Address: Tushinskaya, 5 km from MKAD, Otrada village

TushinskayaRent: $5,000
Number of rooms: 6Total area: 500 m2

Address: Tushinskaya, 2 km from MKAD, Otrada village

TushinskayaRent: $7,400

Apart from apartments, in Moscow there are plenty of  houses for rent and sale. Renting or buying a countryside property has many advantages. First, one can enjoy closeness of nature and fresh air. Second, to have your own space with all communications and its own special design according to your taste – this can provide relaxation and rest, which sometimes is difficult to obtain in a busy city. Cottage and townhouse residnes are situated in different areas. It can be close to the city or in its limitsor far from Moscow, near forest and river.


Rosinka & Angelovo - your family happiness is above all

The most well-known and favorites of expats are international residences Rosinka and adjoint Angelovo located 5km off the city on Piatnitskoye shosse.Rosinka and Angelovo are located in the nearest proximity to Moscow. The main attraction of the residences is the vicinity to Anglo-American school and all facilitis for family recreation, welness and safeness of the territory. 


Rosinka is an island of healthy life in the nearest proximity to huge city 
Order viewings in Rosinka now >> 
New townhouse residence Angelovo is as well of great demand 
Order viewings in Angelovo now>> 


Traditional Russian dachas are always in great demand

Traditional Russian dachas are still one of the most alluring, popular, prestigious and ecologically clean areas. The most expensive houses for rent and sale are located in Rublevo-Uspenskpye shosse and Novorizhskoye. The residences in this direction were traditionally weekend and summer resorts for Russian high society families. Now there are dozens of posh castle-like mansions located on the guarded terriotry, with well-developed infrsatructure and nearby luxury shops.  

Enjoy your cosy home in famous Rublevskoye shosse 
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Cottage reisdence in Novorizhskoye shosee welcomes you with picturasque nature and fresh air 
Order viewings in Novorizhskoye shosse now>>


Your country-house within Moscow City limits

If our client prefers to live within city - the best choice will be Seriabrynoy Bor and Painter's Village areas. Both are picturesque places, where one can enjoy nature and fresh air as well. Newcomers with familly can profit the best locations of residential villages near International schools of Moscow.   

Rent your dream home in ecologically clean Serebriany Bor area 
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All-time luxury of a privite house located 10 min by car to the very Moscow centre 
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Variety of styles and configurations

Weprovide our clients with descriptions and photos of various houses, taking our client’s tastes, budget and preferences into account. It can be a 2, 3 or 4-level building, brick or wooden, big or small, mansion-like, chalet-like or Scandinavian-style  –  architectural decisions are endless. They can be either furnished or without furniture, with a garage, its own yard for barbeque, staff place and even a swimming-pool and a gym. Inner design can be modern or classical. Some clients prefer to have a landscape design on their territory, others pay a closer attention to a space for sport – today there is a wide range of premises for every taste.    

Many cottage villages have 24-hour security and their own infrastructure, with shops, auto-service, facilities for children, restaurants, sport clubs, tennis courts. In some areas there is a possibility of renting a boat in summer, to go in for mountain skiing in winter – depending on location. In Moscow there are many picturesque places, with rivers, ponds, fields and forests. Living in the country has a lot of advantages! Landmark Real Estate agency has a big choice of houses for rent and sale at any location. We can offer our driver with a car for viewings. 


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