Apartments in Smolenskaya area of Moscow (found 151 objects)

near the subway Smolenskaya

Rent: $1,700Number of rooms: 2Total area: 45 m2

Address: m. Smolenskaya, st. Karmanitsky lane, 5


The area of metro station Smolenskaya is located in the Central Administrative Okrug in Khamovniki District. From the left side it adjoins the bank of Moskva-river. From the right side it adjoins famous Arbat and Ostozhenka area named Golden Mile for its status of prime residential location. Thus it comprises the area inside the Boulevard Ring and outside area limited by natural bounds – the beautiful Moskva-river. 

Smolenskaya metro area
Map of Smolenskaya area

Why this location is popular amidst expats

First of all it is located in the nearest proximity to the very centre. In addition numerous embassies, trade missions and a-list business centers are located in this area. Hundreds of diplomats and foreign top-managers have converted this calm residential area to the highly developed downtown. We can just name several important diplomatic and governmental institutions located near metro station Smolenskaya. They are the USA Embassy, the UK Embassy and the famous skyscraper of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia which is one of the Seven Sisters Stalin period skyscrapers.   

Famous Sister skyscraper of Foreign Minisity in Noscow, Russia
Smolenskaya area. View from Smolensky boulevard on the typical Stalin period building and the famous Sister Skyscraper of Foreign Ministry of Russia on the background

Housing and rental prices in Smolenskaya area 

There are all types of residential buildings in the area of Smolenskaya: ancient restored pre-revolutionary buildings, Stalin period buildings, ministerial and contemporary residential developments which are included in the list of luxury housing as well as modest brick and panel buildings constructed comparatively recently.

Apartment rentals in the unpretentious brick and panel building can cost not less then in pompous pre-revolutionary or Stalin period building owing to the convenient central location and qualitative modern renovation.


Average rental rates for flats in Smolenskaya

1-2 bedroom apartment

$ 1200-2500 


$ 3000-4500 

4+ bedroom

$ 5000 +


Infrastructure of Smolenslaya area

Certainly having such a huge bulk of offices, the increased business activity along with residential expat spots the infrastructure of the area meets the requirements of the residents. There is a great number of cafes, restaurants, cinemas, health centers, chemistry’s, and hairdresser’s in Smolenskaya area. Expatriates who are planning to rent apartment in Moscow usually are pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of recreation facilities and abundance of trading spots in Smolenskaya and neighboring Arbat area.  


Asian cuisine
Neopalimovsky 1st, lane 6, Tel. +7 (495) 2485102


European cuisine
Smolensky blvd.., 15, Tel.: +7 (495) 2911667


Taras Bulba Tavern

Ukranian cuisine
Smolensky blvd.., 1, Tel.: +7 (495) 2466902 

De Marco 

Italian cuisine
Smolenskaya-Sennaya Sq.., 23/25, Tel.: +7 (495) 2447121


European cuisine 
Smolensky 1st lane, 3/2, Tel.:  +7 (495) 2416217

Russian hunting

Russian cuisine
Smoenskaya St. 5, hotel Zolotoye Koltzo, tel.+7 (495) 725-03-53 

White Rabbit 

European cuisine

Smolenskaya sq.., 3, Tel. +7 (495) 663-39-99 

Les Menus Par Pierre Gagnaire 

French cuisine
Novinsky blvd.., 8, block. 2, Tel. +7 (495) 287-05-15


Armenian, Georgian cuisine
2nd Smolensky lane, 1/4, Tel.. +7 (495) 741-91-92 

Beauty Salon Garnet

Pluschikha St., 14, Tel.: +7 (499) 248-15-98 

Thaibali SPA

Savvinskaya emb., 5, Tel.:+7 (499) 248-22-93 

Beauty Salon SPA Philosophy  

Glazovsky lane., 5, Tel.: +7 (495) 988-78-72 

Sono Day Spa 

Smolenskaya emb., 2, Tel.: +7 (499) 248-00-28

Beauty Style

Pluschikha St., 53/25, Tel.: +7 (495) 2482167

Deadweight Salon

Plischikha St., 33, Tel.: +7 (495) 2482772 

Britana Beauty Salon 

Burdenko St., 14, Tel.: +7 (495) 2482482


Smolenslaya St., 5, Zolotoye Koltso hotel, Tel.: +7 (495) 7250247

Strela Cinema

Smolenskaya-Sennaya Sq., 23/25, Tel. +7 (495) 7953795 

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