Long-term rent apartments in Moscow

Number of rooms: 6Total area: 310 m2

Address: m. Chistye Prudy, st. Bolshoy Kharitonievsky lane, 14

Chistye PrudyRent: $4,000
Number of rooms: 6Total area: 320 m2

Address: m. Arbatskaya, st. Romanov lane, 5

ArbatskayaRent: $9,200
Number of rooms: 8Total area: 325 m2

Address: Strogino, 5 km from MKAD, Ozerny

StroginoRent: $2,700
Number of rooms: 6Total area: 340 m2

Address: m. Arbatskaya, st. Povarskaya, 20

ArbatskayaRent: $7,900
Number of rooms: 8Total area: 360 m2

Address: Tushinskaya, 16/1 km from MKAD, Dosflota passage

TushinskayaRent: $9,800
Number of rooms: 8Total area: 400 m2

Address: Yugo-zapadnaya, 1 km from MKAD, Kievskoe shosse

Yugo-zapadnayaRent: $4,700
Number of rooms: 4Total area: 400 m2

Address: Strogino, 20 km from MKAD, Ozerny

StroginoRent: $3,000
Number of rooms: 6Total area: 500 m2

Address: Tushinskaya, 2 km from MKAD, Otrada village

TushinskayaRent: $7,400
Number of rooms: 10Total area: 550 m2

Address: Krylatskoye, 6 km from MKAD, Rubliovo-Uspenskoe shosse

KrylatskoyeRent: $4,600
Number of rooms: 8Total area: 600 m2

Address: Tushinskaya, Angelovo

TushinskayaRent: $5,300
Number of rooms: 7Total area: 600 m2

Address: Altufievo, Larino

AltufievoRent: $8,000
Number of rooms: 12Total area: 700 m2

Address: Krylatskoye, 0 km from MKAD, Troitse-Lykovo

KrylatskoyeRent: $7,900

Wide choice of long-term rentals in Moscow

Landmark Real Estate agency offers a wide choice of long-term rentals in Moscow. Our web-site is refreshed daily and provides you multitude lists of available long-term property in Moscow suited to every fancy without excessive expenditures. Our listings contain detailed information concerning the offered long-term rentals in Moscow, rental terms, qualitative photos of property and plans of rentals offered in Moscow for long-term. You can get acquainted with all characteristics of hundreds of long-term rentals and find apartments in Moscow or cottages in Moscow area close to your requirements, make preliminary choice of property avoiding unnecessary viewings. 


Продажа и аренда элитных квартир на Патриарших прудах. ВСе предложения 2013 года с фото.
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Long-term Moscow rentals for all tastes

Having chosen the location of your future rental, budget and preferable conveniences, that is: western renovation, prestigious area, parking, guard and so on we shall stipulate rental terms. The first step in renting a long-term property in Moscow is to appoint the date from which you are to move in the apartment, approve your budget, district of Moscow or Moscow region and required total area of the long term-rental. 

Each tenant has his own piculiar whishes: one needs a rental in the a-list building with a guarded territory and superb renovation, the other longs for a rental with high moulded ceilings, window bays, a fireplace, and a glued-laminated parquet in the spirit of pre-revolutionary Moscow mansions and certainly with a view on some ancient cathedral in calm Moscow lane with centuries-old history. 
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Старинные особняки на Патриарших прудах
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Economy class long-term rentals in Moscow centre are of the greatest demand Undoubtedly rental location plays the great role! Many clients are to rent inexpensive standard property close to Moscow core. Such rentals are included in the list of alluring rentals despite the standard finishing without European standard attributes such as PVC-windows, air conditioning, parquet, laminate and tiled floors, built-in kitchen appliances etc. There is nothing unusual in the comparatively high price for these long-term rentals, we mean comparatively with other European capitals. 

We should mention that Moscow is one of the greatest international business centers, metropolis hospitably welcoming a multitude of newcomers searching a happy home in Moscow. Moscow long-term rental market is saturated with various property options to everyone’s taste but searching for cheap and clean flat in Moscow centre you should keep in mind that this segment is very active and the flat you liked yesterday can be gone 15 min after your viwings by other client. Fast decision in this case is the best solution!   

Careful study of  rentals is a garantee of the best price and quality

Finding a good long-term property rent in Moscow is a not an easy task. You have to spend lots of precious time to visit and view a great number of rentals and to find the property alternative in perfect correlation of price and quality. And sometimes unremarkable property at first sight turns out to be the most advantageous! Our specialists deal with the supply market analyzing in the field of long-term realty in Moscow and choose the most worthy property at an adequate rental price.

Lease terms approving

Having decided preferable location of the sought long-term property, budget and primary requirements tenant and landlord shall make agree the long-term lease agreement terms.  

Agreement terms: 
  • payment is to be effected monthly, quarterly or for the whole period, this point is negotiated; 
  • deposit sum equal to one month payment is to be taken by the agency;  
  • term of long-term rent starts from one month. 

Services to negotiate: 
  • maid service; 
  • technical service; 
  • payment for utilities (i.e. electricity, hot and cold water supply,payable phone calls, Internet, Satellite TV) etc. 
  • undegrounf parking lot.  
If you are interested in long-term property rent in Moscow offered on our web-site, you may leave your request or send your request by e-mail: rent@landmarkre.ru or make a call: +7(495) 792-59-49, we’ll be delighted to answer all the questions concerning long-term rentals in Moscow!    
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