We'll find you a suitable apartment within 1-2 days after leaving your request

Landmark real estate agency will conduct a search to assist our client in finding suitable leased accommodation depending upon the client’s needs and the requirements of the company. We shall provide the client with a «needs assessment» questionnaire to complete at origin, and the information gained will allow for an educated appraisal of accommodation needs. The requirements will then be matched with available accommodation, and a listing of possible homes to visit will be provided.

1. Proffesional guidance

Viewings with an english-speaking broker. Accompanied viewing of pre-selected properties according to the client’s preferences. Our agent fixes the viewing list at your convenience making the most comprehensive image of best properties which correspond your requirements.   

2. Free tour by our car

Pick up viewings on our car. When you have only 3 days for comparing of all Moscow best location you urgently need a driver as Moscow is a huge Megalopolis and you will spend plenty of time using public transport or dilettante taxi driver. When you prefer to explore one location our agent will accompany you showing the best access to you office, your child school etc.  

3. Lease negotiations

We disccuss all the details of the deal with the landlord, taking the client's interests into account: rental rate, terms and conditions i.e. commencements dates, break clauses etc.

 Скачать образе договора купли-продажи квартиры.png Click here to browse a basic Lease Agreement draft >>

4. Inventory preparation

We provide our client's with any document which does not require a solicitor/lawyer, i.e. standard lease. 

Скачать образе договора купли-продажи квартиры.png Click here to browse an act of transfer with inventory furniture list >>

5. Explanations on utility connections

At the day of apartment transfer act signing we have a master class with the landlord «how to use home appliances installed at your new accommodation», «how to pay for utilities» or invite specialists tuning and fixing appliances i.e. gas, electric, phone, boiler, TV.

6. Deposit issue

Some landlord prefers to get  prepayments in case you like an apartment but not ready to sign having a look a brief first look. We assist in arranging of deposit payment N.B. Usually such prepayments are kept by the landlords. 

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