Going to let out your property in Moscow? It is easy with Landmark RE!

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In case you possess some property which can bring a stable income, especially, an apartment in Moscow or cottage in Moscow and if you will to let your property or sell, Landmark Real Estate agency with pleasure assist you in this matter.

 Benefits of collaboration with us are obvious:

  • Letting your property you’ll got long-standing monthly revenue.
  • Your Tenants will be only workers of well-known foreign companies, banks and embassies.
  • Our experience will help in taxation questions settlement, as well we’ll clarify Russian  rental legislation peculiarities.
  • We’ll favorably promote your property.
  • Our company strictly maintains confidentiality.
  • At your convenience we defend the most profitable terms of buy/sale and lease agreements, granting a perfectly worked-out and considered lease agreement text.
  • We offer assistance in searching an alternative premises for your residence from our data base.
  • We help to maintain contacts with your Tenants within the whole lease term.
  • We’ll consult you on the current market price for your property.
  • We are ready as well to make an exclusive leasing or selling contract with you, and your time and strengths will be saved.
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