Introduction of Moscow real estate rental market

Our agency renders introduction services of Moscow real estate for the employees working in marketing and consulting. Since the situation in Moscow real estate market is altering incessantly and distinguished by extremely high prices we provide comprehensive analytical surveys of all-type deals with elite property in Moscow. Moscow real estate market abounds in great and appealing options and it is highly recommended to familiarize with the wide range of prices for Moscow rental and sale property depending on the offered conveniences. 

All for your contented smile during new flat search 

We give all the information regarding the prices for business class accommodations, for de luxe class property, for apartments in the centre of the capital as well as for townhouses and cottages in prestigious Moscow suburbs. We take into consideration all the minutest details of your preferences whether your demand for lodging including such advantages as superb renovation and furnishing, parking, or cleaning services etc. We do our best to present you precise and reliable information. 

Approximate rental price rates for premium property 

1-2 bedroom up to 100 sq.m
price in USD
3 bedrooms up to 140 sq.m
price in USD
4 bedroom 170+ sq.m
price in USD
5+ bedroom 200++ sq.m
price in USD
Patriarchy Ponds 
3000-7000 4700-10000 5500-12000 more 12000

Moscow centre: 
Zamoskvorechie, Chisty Prudy, Tsvetnoy blvd.
2000-5500  4000-8000 5000-12000 12000++
Other area out of Garden Ring
1500-3000 2500-4700 4000-10000 10000++
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