Volume of vacant office spaces increased by 30%

Cushman & Wakefield consulting company informed that the volume of vacant office spaces rose in February, 2010 by 30,5%. It’s indicated in the issue that the increase of vacant office spaces quantity in outskirts of Moscow which aren’t considered to be prestigious is conditioned by the entering of new business centre “Western Gate” with total area 53.000 square meters on Moscow market.

The issue says that “the market of premium-class office spaces in Moscow is to develop faster than the whole office spaces market as the tenants prefer the decreased for the time being rental rates”. Besides, analysts report that in February, 2010 in Moscow there was erected 200.000 square meters high-quality office spaces.

But there are no obvious increase or decrease tendencies in rental prices in February. The average rental rate according to the location made up in February 400-720$ for a square meter in a year in premium-class and 310- 620$ for a square meter in a year in B+ class.

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