Restoration of Moscow real estate market: record growth of demand for apartments

According to Registry office Moscow real estate market is rehabilitating. RBK-daily communicates that owing to postponed demand and revival of mortgage market in the 1st quarter of 2010 year, there was registered a record quantity of deals for the last four years. Experts inform that there approximately 10% more sale deals were made comparing to pre-crises period (2007 year).

Statistics of Moscow officials says that in January-March, 2010 there 14,9 thousand sale deals were made, this figure is 65% more that in the similar period in 2009. Statistics for March, 2010 inspires realtors: in Moscow 6,9 thousand deals were made. According to analysts stable demand came back to Moscow real estate market.

It’s confirmed also by the constant increase of mortgage deals number. In March, 2010 1609 apartments on mortgage conditions were bought comparing to 249 deals in March 2009. Market experts believe that buyers expecting maximum prices decrease came to decision to make deals – they understood that the further price decrease wouldn’t take place, and moreover, price growth is likely.

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