Rental price rise for office spaces is to make up 10-15% by the end of 2011 year

According to Paul’s Yard Company price rates for office rent will make up in Moscow 10-15%. Experts’ esteems indicate that minor rental rates increase takes place so far.

But comparing with pre-crises price rates the variation in prices amounts about 30%. Analysts say that the most called-for objects are a-class office spaces with high-quality finishing located in the core of the capital or in top-list western and south-western districts.

“However, the recent months lessees showed interest in Shall&Core office spaces while in crisis period nobody wanted invest money in premises renovation.

Nowadays the planning horizon has widened and interpreters are ready to consider office spaces under renovation” - says the Head of Paul’s Yard Company Commercial Realty Department Viacheslav Aksenov.

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