Real estate rent is awakening

The number of rent deals has risen up to 40-50% in April-May 2009. According to Penny Lane experts, the demand for apartments, which rent price is 3000-5000 US Dollars per month, has risen. Another agency observes growing interest for cottages valued at 25 000 US Dollars per month, started in April.

This sudden activity can be explained by the considerable drop of rental costs and a comparative stability of US Dollar on the Russian market. Penny Lane agency also mentions the rental activity in the beginning of May. However, there is no definite estimate of the real estate market and rent in unicode.

For instance, DOKI experts noticed diminishing demand in the second quarter of April. INСOM agency points out that the seasonal drop of demand is beginning. Apartments below 6 000 US Dollars are most popular, by other experts’ observation.

Therefore, in spite of some activity, real estate rental market “behaves” in accordance with the present situation and is not so active as it was last year. On the other hand, it cannot be said that it is in complete stagnation.

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