Prices for elite realty in Moscow in 2010 are to level with prices of 2008

According to data provided by RBK-Nedvizhimost portal, the average price of new elite buildings in January, 2010 made up $17,2 thousand for a square meter.

Real Estate analysts points to the fact that prices increased by 0,9% comparing with December, 2009 prices. Experts add that after achieving in August, 2009 price minimum ($16,3 thousand for a square meter), apartments in a-list buildings rose in price by 5,2%. Experts forecast further price increase in elite realty segment.

According to the Head of “Tweed” company Irina Mogilatova, the prices in 2010 will come to the level of 2008. The rise will amount 10-20% from crises period prices.

Expert adds, that “there won’t be dramatic price rise (as it was earlier - by 10% within a quarter), as there is not many offers, there are the following new objects: 3 new elite buildings”.

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